About Quilchena – Vancouver Westside Real Estate Subdivision (Video)

The four boundaries are West King Edward Avenue on the north, West 37th Avenue on the south, Cypress Street on the east and Larch street and Trafalgar on the west. Both single houses and apartment buildings are found in this area. One massive condo project in Quilchena may raise you special attention.

In Vancouver Westside, Quilchena is not a big subdivision but it does not reduce her attraction to the public. Since the topography of Quichena’s northwest corner is a bit higher than the north neighbors, some of the single houses on this corner have pretty pleasant view of the north-shore mountain. The size of most of the lots in this subdivision is between 6,000-9,000 square feet and the floor area is about 3,500-5,500. The unit price for a new home is somewhere around $700-850 per square foot, while the total purchasing price for a new house can easily reach $3-4.5 million Canadian dollars. Used house may be priced lower according to its age. In recent months, old timers are hot sellers in Quilchena, which means developers put their interest in this lovely area.

There is a well-known condo village at the cross of West 33rd Avenue and Arbutus Street. 2002-2005, four years in a row, the famous local developer POLYGON built 6 wood-frame and 2 concrete condo buildings covering a huge block. It made this area the most intensive condo region after downtown Vancouver and UBC, in Vancouver Westside.

Since this block is right next to the beautiful Quilchena Park on the north and is also in the top school catchment, Shaughnessy Elementary and Prince of Wales Secondary, the whole project of 8 buildings has received a continuous welcome from both investors and immigrants after it was completed. The average price per square foot for those concrete units is $850-$900, when some of the park-view units’ are over $1,000. The wood-frame buildings offer a bit lower to $750-$800 per square foot.

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Author: Henry Su

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