About South Granville-Vancouver Westside Real Estate Subdivision (Video)

South Granville is a well-known real estate subdivision in Vancouver Westside. The whole area ranges from West 41st Avenue on the north, West 64th Avenue and Park Drive on the south. The east boundary is Oak Street and the west is Cypress Street and East Boulevard. There are lots of luxury single houses in this subdivision, especially on the west side of Granville Street and the north side of West 57th Avenue.

Most of the streets in South Granville are lined with tall trees. It seems that those elaborately designed villas are right sitting in a private garden. A regular lot in this area is about 10,000 square feet and the floor area may be 5,000 – 7,000 square feet. The pricing for those grand single houses depends on size, location and building materials. Generally, a new home is sold for $800 – $900 per square foot in floor area, with a total price in 3.5-5 million Canadian dollars.

The age of building is the other factor for pricing used houses. The age of house and the price are in reverse proportion. For instance, if a building is about 20 years, its unit price per square foot is about $500-$600. Those 70s or 80s are mostly a value of land only, if they were not renovated recently. But do not forget that the old ones often have a very good location is the subdivision. This kind of lot is usually about $230 per square foot.

A buyer may purchase a lot with an old house on it and then hire first-class architect and builder to tailor a glory home for your family. I do cooperate with some reputable partners in providing this kind of handover-key service to my clients. In this way, not only it saves the total cost for your new home, but also it can be an investment with great appreciation potential. The only shortcoming is that the local construction time for a high quality villa is pretty long. It could be about 20 months. Therefore, you may need to plan your schedule accordingly.

If you need more information about South Granville, please contact us directly. We will provide you a real estate service in the highest quality.

Author: Henry Su

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